The VRAs – The Driller Killer (1979)

drillerkillerA chilling portrait of a grunting power tool-wielding psychopath that repelled audiences across the globe. Nope, it’s not 90s Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement, but Abel Ferrara’s The Driller Killer.

The story is that of struggling New York artist Reno (also played by Ferrara) who lives in a scummy Union Square apartment with his two girlfriends – oh, the 70s! He’s slowly driven mad by his neighbourhood’s descent into dereliction, the cost of living crisis (PRESCIENT) and the relentless noise from post punk pseuds The Roosters practicing in the next room. We’ve all been there – I used to live next door to a prime irritant who played bongos along to Paul Simon’s Graceland 24/7.

In those days artists couldn’t fill their endless spare time by shitting up Instagram with urban sunsets and ‘found objects’ or updating their inane videoblogs, so instead Reno fantasises about showering in the blood of…

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